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Pursue the Jurisprudence major
in the best law university
of Kazakhstan

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10 benefits of
studying Jurisprudence
at our University
Know how to protect your rights.
Obtain the foundation knowledge in business law.
Obtain the legal background in line with requirements of governmental and law enforcement bodies.
Obtain an employment as a lawyer in consulting companies, attorney, notary specialist.
Consult your relatives, friends with regards to legal matters, represent their interests in the court.
Formal education in law facilitates career growth and development.
Advance your presentation skills, learn to assert and to protect your interests as well as interests of others.
Enrich your intellectual background by mastering different areas of law .
Master the art of negotiating different types of contracts.
Develop your communication skills, learn to reason and to defend your opinion.
High demand on labor market
Upon graduation you ,
can start your employment at:
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Jurisprudence lecturers :
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Why 40 000 students chose us:
  • -12 floors
  • -14622,5 sq.m.
  • -124 classrooms and auditoriums
  • -Gym and Aerobics Facilities
  • -Residence Hall
  • -Canteen
  • -Wi-Fi
  • -31 professors
  • -20 Doctors of Science
  • -41 Associate Professors
  • -56 PhD Candidates
  • -Lecturers are former:
    Judges, Heads
    in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • -Comedy Club
  • -Athletics Club
  • -Science Club
  • -Performances
  • -Contests
  • -Dances
  • -Friendly Community
  • -Business Etiquette
  • -Personal Growth
  • -Rhetoric Club
  • -Open Lectures
  • -The Highest Quality of Education
  • -Best graduates bind agreements with
    Governmental bodies, Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • -All efforts are dedicated towards
    training competent prefessionals.
  • -Library
  • -Waiting area
  • -Parking
  • -Computer rooms
  • -Canteen
  • -Security system
  • -Financial support for 2016 applicants
  • -Payment by installments
    option is available
  • -Prices are fixed and therefore
    , will not increase.
  • -Convenient payment system
100% employment
  • --Internship in the MIA, CNS
  • -Best graduates are sent to the Ministry of Justice, notaries
Military Training
  • Military training is conducted
    in Al-Farabi KazGU
Passing score for Unified National Testing is 50
  • --We accept applicants who scored 50
    or above at Unified National Testing
Dauylbayev Kuandyk Bakhtiyarovich
  • -Doctor of Law,
  • -Professor, Head of Economic
    and General Education Disciplines Department.
Zholamanov Yerlan Meyiramovich
  • -PhD in Economics
  • -Senior Lecturer of Economic
    and General Education Disciplines Department
Ayitkhozhin Kabdulsamikh Koshekovich
  • -Doctor of Law
  • -Professor, Head of Constitutional,International Law and Customs Department.
Shormanova Ayinur Kystaubekovna
  • -PhD in History
  • -Associate Professor of Economic and General Education Disciplines Department.
  • -Provost of Educational Work
Skagiyeva Alima
  • -PhD in Philosophy
  • -Senior Lecturer of Economic and
    General Education Disciplines Department
Kazakeyeva Saule Serikovna
  • -PhD in Law
  • -Professor of Criminal Legal Sciences and Law Enforcement Activities
  • -Senior Lecturer of Economic
    and General Education Disciplines Department
Abdylda Dilyana Adylkyzy
  • -PhD in Law
  • -Associate Professor of Constitutional, International Law and Customs Department
Ilyasova Baktygul Kuanyshkyzy
  • -PhD in Law
  • -Associate Professor of Constitutional, International Law and Customs Department
  • -Deputy Head of the Department
Zinkevich Tatyana Ivanovna
  • -PhD of Law
  • -Acting Head of Criminal Legal Sciences
  • -Associate Professor
Zaderyi Vera Vladimirovna
  • -PhD in Political Science
  • -Senior Lecturer of Civil Law Department
Birzhanova Kultay Suleymenova
  • -Associate Professor of Constitutional, International Law and Customs Department
Our education is the safeguard of your future.
Number of
Of them obtained
Reached executive
About our president
Omrali Shakarapuly Zhalairi
  • -Rector
  • -Doctor of legal science
  • -Professor
  • -Honored leader of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • -Academician of National Academy of
    sciences of the Higher School of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • -Member of Legal Policy Council under
    the President of Kazakhstan
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Student Life
Sports Club
«KAS Club» - This is a complete dedication
as on sports arena, as in real life.
It is a triumphal victories and bitter struggle
for the achievement of goals,
daily self – overcoming,
commitment to
Scientific Club
А-club ((Academic Elite Club) ) -
Members of the club
will be establishing an
interaction with potential employers
,to organize meetings and
socially significant actions with pupils
pupils and college students. In order to act and be a leader.
Event Club
EVENT club (E-club) клуб
Club gives an opportunity
for creative and artistic
students of our academy.
You possess vocal,
dance or theatrical skills
E-club will help you in developing your skills. ;

Eurasian Law Academy named after D.A. Kunayev is a well-known Kazakhstani ,
higher education institution with rich traditions and many years of teaching and
research practice. Academy has been preparing legal personnel since 1993. Over
the 23 years of successful activity the Academy has trained more than 40
thousand highly qualified specialists.
The Academy holds strong position on the country’s education market and
continues to make significant contributions into the training of competitive and
qualified specialists for the various fields of the national economy.
Academy Chronology:
Private higher education institution “Kunayev College” was established at the
General Meeting of the founders on May 5, 1993. College was registered as a
business entity in akimat of Kalinin district of Almaty on June 3, 1993. Certificate
number 28066472..
         In 1994, new Kazakh Humanitarian Institute named after D.A. Kunayev was
founded on the base of Kunayev College. Institute was registered by the Ministry
of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 11, 1994 as a limited liability
         In 1995, “Kazakh Humanitarian Institute” was reorganized into the newly formed
foundation – “D.A. Kunayev Humanitarian Institute”. Kunayev Humanitarian
Institute was registered by the Justice Department in Almaty on December 18,
1995 as a private institution of higher education.
         Upon the decision of the General Meeting of the institute founders on July 7,
2000, Kunayev Humanitarian Institute was renamed into “Humanitarian University
named after D.A. Kunyaev”.

In 2013 University merged with Kazakh University of Railways and formed a new multidisciplinary educational and scientific-industrial complex – “Humanitarian University of Transport and Law named after D.A. Kunayev”.
         2015 has been a significant year in the history of the University. Based on the decision of General Meeting from April 4, 2015 the University chose to shift
         towards a “skilled labour” and an “occupationalised” educational system with entire focus on preparation of legal specialists. The university received a new
         name, which reflects it’s narrow focused educational orientation – “the Eurasian Academy of Law named after D.A. Kunayev”.
Our Academy is a continuous educational system, including Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral PhD programs. Over 60% of faculty are well-known Kazakhstani scientists, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. Faculty potential allows realization of a special mission of the Academy through the integration of science and educational process, which is the basis of the dynamic development of the Kazakhstan society.
Academy has gained the status of well-known scientific centre, as it conducts the training of undergraduates, graduates and PhD students in legal sciences, International Law and Customs Administration. Academy has its own educational and administrative buildings, hostels, modern sports complex. In 2012, the new 12-storey unique building was commissioned. The building provides students the opportunity to obtain advanced knowledge in various areas of undergraduate and postgraduate education in comfortable environment. The founder           The founder of the Academy is Kopabayev Omraly Kazhibayevich – a famous scientist, educator, public figure, Academician of Higher School of Republic of Kazakhstan, Corresponding member of Petrov Academy of Sciences and Arts (PASA) of the Russian Federation, member of the Legal policy Council under the President, the President of Criminological Association of Kazakhstan (CAK).

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Feedback of students and graduates.
Feedback of students
Eshimet Kuandy Serikzhanuly , graduate 2011 – 2014 – Head of Public Affairs Office of Almaty Municipal Court
Turlashov Amirkhan Lazzatovich
Deputy Mayor of Raiymbek Country District

Upon obtaining Bachelor’s Degree in 2012 I decided to continue my
education by enrolling in Jurisdiction Master’s program of Kunayev University.
The graduates of our university are the leading specialists in various
organizations and are in high demand on labor market. By virtue
of the knowledge obtained at the University
I managed to obtain good employment.

Baurzhanuly Abylaykhan
Office Administration Inspector of Almaty Court Registry

I am the alumnus of Kunayev University Jurisdication
Master’s program. I had no doubts during
enrollment and during my studies that University
would be able to cultivate necessary skills and provide
opportunities for future growth. By virtue of
the knowledge obtained within the University I passed the
internship in court and currently I work at Almaty Municipal Court. I would like to thank professors for
high quality education and friendly atmosphere.

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Law Academy of D.A. Kunayev
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